Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Maybe this crying about Russian interference with the election might backfire on the Democrats and the Fake News Media...

You could think of the bear as the Russia and the monkey as CNN...but it works on so many levels. 

Lem's Place: Trump-Russia Ties may work against the Democrats and Applying Uncle Saul

EBL: Who sold out FBI Special Agent Robyn Gritz and the FBI is a hyper-politicized arm of the Democrat Party

Instapundit: Fake News CNN Elmo (is it bad touch Elmo), Media openly hate Trump then surprised when he treats them accordinglyObama choked on Russia long before the 2016 election, Our awful news mediaSarah Palin sues NYT for defamation, The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Senator McCaskill (D) had dinner with who at who's house?

Instapundit: Ouch!

DRUDGE REPORT: CNN cries it is getting dangerous out there for reporters. Perhaps CNN should ask Steve Scalise what he thinks?  

Dear GOP: Let Us Opt Out Of Obamacare...

Seriously "Doctor" Mitch, keep your hands to yourself...

Okay, if the GOP lacks the votes to repeal Obamacare outright (which I would prefer), why try to create a replacement--especially one messing with Medicare? Both Ryancare and McConnell-care suck, only slightly less than Obamacare in its current form. Politically this seems to be a mistake for the GOP.  I predict if Ryan and McConnell manage to pass something like these current proposals into law, it will be a political disaster for the GOP as big as Obamacare ended up being for the Democrats.

Why not simply assemble the votes to create an escape hatch to Obamacare (such as allowing insurers to give catastrophic plans again with out all the Obamacare regulations that drive up the cost of insurance).

Let people go outside their employer or state exchange and purchase a high deductible health plan across state lines without the restrictions of Obamacare. For regular anticipated treatment they can use health savings accounts with pretax dollars.  For those who prefer Obamacare, they can stay there (for the time being).

Let Obamacare slowly wither away and die, in Darwinian fashion, with a 'DNR' order.  Consumers will determine survival of the fittest health care options.  Let us vote with our health care selections.

Just say "No" to Ryancare and McConnell-Care

Powerline: Is the GOP going about health care reform backwards?

Legal Insurrection: Healthcare vote delayed until after Senate's July 4th recess

Rush Limbaugh: Is Mitch McConnell this smart? Interesting theory, whether it is true or not depends on what the GOP comes up with to follow.

Instapundit: Does the pitch for single payer sound too good to be true, good, you're learningObamacare Train WreckWe don't want to restore Obamacare, we want to repeal it, Robert Polock: Let Consumers Repeal ObamacareRepeal Appeal, Why Obamacare did not make us healthier, Off to Mexico for care? Adios! and Obamacare repeal will not kill tens of thousands

Wombat: American Thinker: Liberals Don’t Need To Win Elections To Get What They Want and Megan McArdle: Senate’s Obamacare Replacement Is A Suicide Mission

NYT: Given its propensity for Fake News, I do not trust the New York Times.  But assuming this story is not a complete fabrication, Mr. Trump's alleged lack of cooperation with Mitch McConnell on this health care reform effort might be a good thing.

Hot Air: Support for Senate Health Bill at 12%

Powerline: What's next for Obamacare reform in the Senate?

It's Wednesday

Mr. Wednesday

I liked the novel (a lot), I like the TV adaptation. Some of the characters are spot on, others actually exceed the source material. What I do not care for is the pace. I recognize they are trying to drag this out for several seasons. That is a mistake. American Gods would have been more suited to an extended miniseries.  Commit to two seasons (three tops) and make it kick ass.  

The best character so far for entertainment value has been Mad Sweeney (spoilers). Provided they keep giving him quality lines, there is gold in that Leprechaun's performance.  

Kristin Chenoweth as Easter (spoilers of course)

Gillian Anderson as Media in American Gods Season One Finale

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Madness and Cowardice at our "Higher Education" Institutions

The President of The Evergreen State College reacts to student uprising...

What Missouri and Evergreen show is that rot at higher education is in some cases even worse at public institutions than it is at private colleges and universities. And Deb Frisch, a poster child of the sort attracted to education, is a mentally unstable lunatic who should be locked up for the safety of the public (and for her own safety).  

For The Public Good: The Deb Frisch Containment Project

The Political Hat: Campus Socialists go Full Jacobin

This Is CNN: Fake News and CNN's made up Russian Story

CNN's Brian Seltzer is right there in the mud...he should be fired too

This is a big deal. Getting caught making up fake news is bad

Instapundit: Fake News Fallout: CNN Fires Three Journalists, Trump Claims Victory over CNNCNN admits its Russian coverage of Trump bull**** and fake newsThe state of journalism today, CNN producer spills the beans on Fake News, CNN and Russian Witch Hunt

AoSHQ: CNN denies connection on its Fake News hit pieces (imagine that), Project Veritas posts sting video of CNN admitting doing fake news for ratings, Three CNN employees tied to fake Russia story resign

Don Surber: Fake News complains when people call it CNNHannity: Bring me the head of CNNThree news fakers depart CNN

Rush Limbaugh: A lesson on how media propaganda works and Victor Davis Hanson senses the momentum shifting for Trump

Daily Wire: Trump is having a blast with CNN fake news meltdown (John Nolte knows CNN)

Lem's Levity: Veritas Video: Trump is good for CNN

Powerline: CNN's very bad week

Muckraking (or mudlarking) was never looked at as a particularly desirable profession (hence the borrowing of the term 'muckraking' for unscrupulous journalists dredging up scandalous stories), but the way CNN does it is way dirtier than digging through real muck...CNN fakes the news.  

Inquistr: Mudlarking along the River Thames

TOM: Emergency Tip Jar Appeal

Instapundit: Ouch!

Special Agent Robyn Gritz: Hypocrisy, lies and misogyny among Comey Cronies at the FBI

So what is James Comey pal Andrew McCabe hiding on FBI Special Agent Robyn Gritz

EBL: The FBI is a hyper-politicized branch of the Democrat Party and former NYC Mayor and NeverTrumper Michael Bloomberg: Time To Back Trump?

Real Clear Investigations: Flynn backed Agent Charging FBI Sex Bias

AoSHQ: We still don't know Dick: Dick Durbin and what is the FBI covering up over the Steve Scalice shooting of Republicans. 

Rule 5 and FMJRA

The Pogues: Tuesday Morning